Firework Displays

- Explosive Entertainment that will take your breath away

Congratulations Ben and Emma on their wedding day

The team at Flashpoint Fireworks were delighted to add a sparkle to their celebrations in Windsor at Ben and Emma’s wedding. We hope you have a wonderful honeymoon.

Low noise displays are becoming more and more popular due to noise pollution at venues at all types of venues in the South East. Our designers at Flashpoint have developed displays that still have style and finesse but just a small amount of noise. You can never have a silent firework displays, its just not possible. But at Flashpoint we do use material that respects your neighbours’ and still provides you with a special ending to your wedding day.

If you would like further information about these types of displays or any other please use the contact us form on this site or call us on 01483 417475. We look forward to hearing from you.