Firework Displays

- Explosive Entertainment that will take your breath away

School prom firework displays this weekend along with a handful of weddings

School Proms - On Friday we fired a school prom display in Maidstone. Unfortunately the weather was not kind as it poured down all evening but everyone did seem to have a good time. We even got a text from the client after the display that said... “Thank you so much - they were amazing”.

On Saturday night we had a couple of weddings in Surrey and also another school prom in Oxford. Thankfully the weather was a lot better.

No videos this weekend I’m afraid, the camera man wanted a weekend off ;-) We should have a couple of new videos from next weeks displays including a nice musical display we have been working on many months.

If you would like further information about the firework displays Flashpoint provide please use the
contact us form on this site or call us on 01483 417475. We look forward to hearing from you.