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Great week at Flashpoint

Interesting week
It’s been an interesting week at Flashpoint Fireworks. Getting ready for a big wedding show on Saturday 28th, really hope the weather is better than the forecast! It looks like it will be a wet one but fingers crossed.

On Tuesday night we were working on a photo shoot with a design agency called Crush Creative in Brighton. Not the everyday type of work Flashpoint Fireworks normally does but a really great experience using fireworks to enhance a design for a brochure cover. We were shooting silver fountains across the back of the company logo that had been cut out of a sheet of wood with the photographer, Kevin Mason from Create, adding some amazing coloured lights into the shot. The images on site looked stunning and we are really look forward to seeing the final product.

Fireworks…. no loud bangs!

Getting the lighting set up.

Lighting up the site.

Adding a few sparks and a lot of light.

and some more...

If you would like further information about the firework displays or photo shoots we provide please use the contact us form on this site or call us on 01483 417475. We look forward to hearing from you.