Firework Displays

- Explosive Entertainment that will take your breath away

Phew… Busy weekend!

Wires wires wires, way to many wires!

Busy weekend…
Phew what a busy weekend. Thanks to our great team of firer's that were all out this weekend providing displays for Brides & Grooms, Girl Guides and Birthdays celebrations - thank you. You know who you are… great team work equals happy customers.

Plus we were also busy pre-rigging and fusing all the musical displays for June this year a good job well done! Just a few pictures of what we get up to before we even get to the firing site. So many hours of work that is never even seen.

Our labelling system for all fireworks used in a electronically fired displays.

Quick match at the ready.

Explosive labels =)

Getting display shells ready for a musical display at the end of June.

If you would like further information about the firework displays Flashpoint provide please use the contact us form on this site or call us on 01483 417475. We look forward to hearing from you.