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Buying Fireworks in Surrey
Flashpoint Fireworks now sell fireworks all year round to the general public. We have a vast range of fireworks to suit everyones need and budget.
  • Large Rockets
  • Single Ignition
  • Large Cakes
  • Small Cakes
  • Low Noise Cakes
For more information on any of our products call us on 01483 417475 or 07961 986361.
At Flashpoint we offer FREE local delivery on all orders over £49.98 for GU1 GU2 GU3 GU4 GU5 GU6 GU7 GU8 GU9 GU10 GU11 GU12 GU14 GU15 GU16 GU17 GU18 GU19 GU20 GU21 GU22 GU23 GU24 GU25 GU26 GU27 GU30 GU33 GU34 GU35 GU46 GU47 GU51 GU52 KT9 KT10 KT11 KT12 KT13 KT14 KT15 KT16 KT21 KT22 KT23 KT24 RH4 RH5 postcodes. See our delivery details here >>> LINK

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See our guidelines and suggestions on keeping safe while letting off fireworks. LINK

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Take a trip over to our YouTube channel for a selection of our product videos LINK

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Flashpoint offer an amazing array of professional firework displays for any event. LINK

T: 01483 417475
M: 07961 986361

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Flashpoint Fireworks Ltd: Winners of the British Musical Firework Championships


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Fireworks can only be sold to over 18's and it is illegal for anyone under 18 to possess fireworks in a public place.