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Our friendly display teams provide firework displays for any occasion

Fireworks are nothing without the flair and passion of the people working on the displays.

Only the best and most capable people work on your displays. Everyone is trained to the highest standard by our in-house display managers or through the British Pyrotechnists Association examinations. Going through regular in-house training means our team are fully updated with the latest information available through the British Pyrotechnists Association (BPA) and EIG (Explosives Industry Group).

Based near Guildford, Surrey, we create firework displays across London, Surrey, Sussex and the rest of the South East.

Meet some of the team at Flashpoint and read about their passion for fireworks…

Jason Mayes - Director - Flashoint Fireworks Ltd

Jason Mayes - Managing Director

Accomplishing his dream of owning and running his own firework display company - Jason’s passion for providing stunning pyrotechnic displays stems from seeing fireworks fired in the city of Valencia over the past fifteen years. He adores the artistic side of display design and is always looking for the next magical effect to use in one of Flashpoint’s displays.

Jason is responsible for the day-to-day running of Flashpoint Fireworks and is very proud of the company. “Working closely with all our clients to achieve the best possible display within a set budget is our main aim” he says. He has worked hard to find the best display managers for his business and is delighted his team have the same ambitions to provide stunning displays whilst offering value for money. Jason works very closely with his team making sure displays are designed in an exciting manner with safety paramount at every display.
  •  Firework display team from Guildford Surrey

    Firework display team from Guildford Surrey

  •  Firework display crew on display site

    Firework display crew on display site

  •  Professional firework display crew working on firework site

    Professional firework display crew working on firework site

Paul Cook Flashpoint Fireworks

Paul Cook - Display Manager

An established member of the team, Paul has a solid Health & Safety background and is our eyes and ears when we need advice on trickier firework displays.
He has worked with many specialist firework companies, providing advice and fantastic displays at venues such as Hampton Court Palace. He specialises in stage effects and large format displays and is our electrical expert when it comes to using our digital firing systems on our fantastic musical displays fired up and down the country. Paul says his ‘passion for pyro’ comes from his childhood when he used to look at fireworks in his local corner shop and was told that he would not like those as they were “very noisy”... well he certainly has got over that fear now! Paul can normally be found in the centre of a display site with miles of cables all around him, while wearing his fireman’s overalls. If the truth be told, he has on more than one occasions been asked if he was a stripper-gram when working on a display site! Paul is also a qualified ADR driver.
Ian Skilton Flashpoint Fireworks

Ian Skilton - Display Manager

Like most, Ian fell in love with fireworks watching his dad light a few in the garden. After doing electrical studies at college, Ian became a lighting director for many top clubs and chart bands.
Pyrotechnics was a natural progression using light, colour, sound and technology. Ian has worked with a few display companies but is now settled with Flashpoint. “The Flashpoint brand has become well-known in the industry and is expanding rapidly. The investment in advanced firing systems and display racks mean we can deliver fantastic displays. To us it’s not all about profit, it’s time devoted to our passion… That’s why I proudly work for Flashpoint Fireworks!”
Rob Eastwood Flashpoint Fireworks

Rob Eastwood - Display Manager

Rob still vividly remembers his days as a child, watching his dad light fireworks in the back garden on bonfire night; the cold air, intoxicating smell of burnt gunpowder and the amazingly colourful & noisy magic of the fireworks. The love of all things pyrotechnic has stayed with him ever since.
The chance to work on professional displays with Flashpoint Fireworks was an opportunity Rob couldn’t miss. The satisfaction from firing a great display, and the awe and happiness of the star-struck spectators is a huge rush. From hand-lighting the first mortar of a display, to helping set up huge pyro-musical displays, and even the painstaking clear-up afterwards, Rob is a man devoted to the art of fire, and probably always will be.
Jon Robinson Flashpoint Fireworks

Jon Robinson - Display Manager

Jon has worked with Flashpoint for many years. He has worked on a wide range of displays, and was part of the British Musical Fireworks Championships 2009 winning team.
Jon is a Health and Safety Manager by day, so the safety of the audience and the display team is always a top priority for him. Some of Jon's best childhood memories are from bonfire nights in November, either from small displays with the family in the back garden or going to big local displays, such as Ripley or Cranleigh. “There’s something really special about bonfire night with the lingering smell of wood smoke in the air accompanied by the deafening bangs of fireworks going off everywhere”. Jon often spends his time at displays trying to make the finale as memorable as possible and has been known to ask if we can set all the fireworks off in one go. Which, whilst undoubtedly spectacular, would make for an extremely short display! As a result, Jon is not allowed near the firing system at the start of displays, just in case...
Nick Chase Flashpoint Fireworks

Nick Chase - Head Firer

Nick has had a passion for Fireworks ever since he watched his Grandfather celebrate his November birthday with fireworks. His father used to take him to help with the set-up of a Round Table displays in the 70’s when "light the blue touch paper" fireworks sat in buckets and wheelbarrows of sand and children had 'Freddie' the Firework Code to keep them safe.
In recent years his passion has continued to grow. He is an avid supporter of safety, having obtained his BPA Level 1 Operator registration and supports a range of new technologies recently made available to the industry. He feels very fortunate to have worked on such a large range of shows at Flashpoint each bringing the magic of the skies to the people... "Let the darkness be light, when a firework’s bright; and for a while, let the people smile". Nick is also a qualified ADR driver.
Steve Jacobs Flashpoint Fireworks

Steve Jacobs - Head Firer

Having worked with Flashpoint Fireworks for many years, Steve is now one of our most well-travelled firers.
He has had a fascination and passion for fireworks since his childhood, a passion he has never lost and which he continues to enjoy sharing with our customers by designing fantastic displays. Steve is British Pyrotechnics Association Accredited and has extensive experience within the professional fireworks industry having worked with some of the biggest displays in the UK, including Trafalgar 200, The Fireworks Champions (Stanford Hall), The British Fireworks Championships, The British Musical Fireworks Championships and The Festival of Fireworks. Steve is also a qualified ADR driver and looks after our training and display design with Paul.
Ricky Cinnamon Flashpoint Fireworks

Ricky Cinnamon - Head Firer

Ricky’s love of fireworks started when watching the London New Year’s Eve fireworks on television as a child. When 18, he started buying garden fireworks and putting on small displays for his family and friends.
He started working started working with Flashpoint Fireworks in January 2010. Ever since, his passion and understanding of fireworks has grown with every display he has worked on, including his favourite display; the British Firework Championships in Plymouth. He really enjoys working with such a great team of like-minded people and providing clients with a magical Flashpoint display.
Our Service

The Professional Firework Display Service

Use Flashpoint Fireworks for the best display and the best service. We dedicate hours to developing your perfect display, finding the best effects and materials for a show that’s streets ahead of anything you or your guests will have seen elsewhere. Listening carefully to your needs and applying our in-depth understanding of fireworks and the options available means we create stunning visual effects to take your breath away.

Before the display we…
• Carry out an in-depth kick-off meeting to discuss your needs and expectations •
• Conduct a venue site survey and full risk assessment •
• Design the full display in response to your brief •
• Liaise with the emergency services to keep them informed of your event •

On the day…
• A professional display team sets up the fireworks •
• The lead firer stays in touch with you and/or your venue •
• We carry out a final check to make sure all safety procedures are in place •
• We fire your display at the correct time •

After your display we…
• Carefully clear the site of all fireworks and rake the display site •
• Get in touch to discuss your display and hear your feedback •
• Send you a video of your display, if recorded •

Wedding Fireworks
Have you ever thought about lighting up the sky on your wedding night with a magical firework display that will certainly ensure lots of ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ from your family and friends? See Video.
Well what a whirlwind of a week it has been, I can't believe it is all over and life returns to normal now. I cannot thank you enough for the firework display, it was absolutely amazing, magical and did exactly what I asked for, left everyone saying wow and that it was the best display they had seen. I've been asked a few times what was my favourite part of the day and I honestly have to say it was the fireworks, my bridesmaids and I were crying by the end as we found it so moving and it really made a special day extra special. Many thanks once again.
Katy & Martin - Wedding at Russets Wedding Venue in Chiddingfold, Surrey
Musical Firework Displays
Musical displays have become hugely popular over the past few years and at Flashpoint Fireworks we have some very talented display designers who can really make your fireworks dance to the music. See Video.
The Flashpoint team were fantastic, we wanted a 'shock & awe' display on a budget and they did not disappoint. The whole process was handled in a professional and efficient way from start to finish. We didn’t have to lift a finger! I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a fireworks company for any event.
Mark Gregory - Landform Consultants - Chobham, Surrey
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